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PU Tubing

The tubing of engineering material has better compression resistance and durability. The service life of the tube is twice that of others.

Cooling the Heat

The misting system produce water mist, which absorbs the heat from the outdoor surrounding in hot summer and provides a cooling down outdoor area, maintaining the surrounding temperature at 23°C/73°F.

DIY Misting System

Misting line is flexible enough, equipped with a tube knife so you can cut it to the size you want to make it fit. You can customize the length according to your needs freely

Stainless Steel Filter Washe

With a 360-degree rotatable inlet, this water timer is easy to attach to the faucet. The built-in metal filter washer can effectively prevent dirt, sediment, and other larger particles, making the entering water cleaner..

Protecting Misting System

Built in polypropylene cotton, the water hose filter efficiently filters calciumions, impurity with 5-micron filter aperture. The excellent filter material can eliminate the blockage, prolonging the life of mister system, nozzles, and other water appliances.

Easy to Install

These tubing connectors make the installation process relatively simple, as all you need to do is just cut and push. It only takes you 10 minutes to finish the mister system and then you can enjoy the cool air outdoors with your family and friends.

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Energy-saving and water-saving ultra-fine mist

What we offer you is low pressure performance with water saving and other features

Upgrade Premium Quality

You do not need to annoy the misting system leaks anymore. This upgrade misting cooling system will refresh your traditional perception.

Our Customers Say...

This mister system was extremely easy to assemble.
Tiffany Rodriguez
So happy to buy it! It makes our summer cool!
Rhys Rhys
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Misters for Outside Patio, Backyard Mist Hose Kit

How to install an Outdoor Misting Cooling System

Excellent Misting System


Misting SystemType:
Home Misting System
Connection Type:
Insert pipe to the tap connector
Nozzle Diameter
Mist range
Pressure Level:
40 to 100 pounds per square inch (PSI)
522 g

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